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What the backlash against ‘bae’ reveals about society’s attitude toward black culture


In a piece for Daily Dot, Derrick Clifton calls out the dominant culture that simultaneously appropriates and demonizes black culture. Although many people and brands love adopting African-American Vernacular English, it’s often denigrated and denied the same regard as any other words and phrases borne of popular culture. Unfortunately, the cultural backlash against “bae” reflects how mainstream […]

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Monday Is Memorial Day…But Saturday is MILES DAVIS DAY; Happy Birthday to a Legend

For a music nerd such as myself, May 26 is all about Miles Davis. Happy B-Day to a LEGEND. Do yourself a favor this holiday weekend and pick up a copy of any one of his countless classics this weekend. What’s your favorite Miles Davis album?

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How Soul Food is at the Heart of Our Culture

I spent the past weekend in Georgia, Macon to be exact. It was my first real experience being down in the South (besides being stuck in the Atlanta airport for 3 hours) and one I will honestly never forget. Of course the high 80 degree weather kept me smiling the whole weekend, although it couldn’t […]

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New Documentary, ‘Soul Food Junkies’ : Is Soul Food Killing Us?

A thought-provoking new documentary delves into the longstanding and controversial relationship between the African American community and Soul Food. Check out the trailer for ‘Soul Food Junkies’ at! Is Soul Food killing our community?

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What’s Up With Kwanzaa? Part 2

Greetings Black people, if you have been celebrating Kwanzaa for the first time I hope that it has been a good experience. If not and you are still considering, there are three days left. I left you earlier in the week with some ways to observe the Nguzu Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa. This […]

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