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Hungover Thoughts Of Generation Y Black Hippies

By Keantre Malone 12:11 pm November 17, 2012 It is true that “all the girls wanna play Baywatch” at the swimming pools full of liquor (Kendrick Lamar, “Swimming Pools”). Generation Y parties, both in college and high school, present you with a reality surfacing from the deep end of young adult freedom. Diving through the […]

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Healing Our Relationships Take REAL Empathy


By Keantre Malone 2:16 pm July 31, 2012 Tribal relationships—unions of people that involve romance and creativity—are hard to maintain because of conflicting worldviews. What it means to be a man or womyn in love causes problems for many tribes because their demands and dreams clash without a middle ground. Since I’m raised to be […]

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The Digital Age and Social Change

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm May 15, 2012 Humyns are the type of beings that always must be in the mood. Anything that can manipulate our emotions provides us with resources to do what must be done. Even our leisure time comes from our activities; perhaps smoking outside on a nice afternoon is our picture […]

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