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Identity Crisis

GOTH 2.10

By richardtaylor @trulytaylormade 9:49 am April 10, 2013 Between Reality TV, Media Pressure and Social Status, we now live in a world where people feel the need to live in someone else’s shoes. We have leaders walking around as followers and followers perpetrating as leaders. This comes from a lack of personal and cultural Identity. […]

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New Documentary: Black Girl In Suburbia


Check out the trailer for a provocative new documentary – BLACK GIRL IN SUBURBIA – at BlackYouthProject.com! Black Girl in Suburbia explores the difficulties faced by young Black women living predominantly white neighborhoods. Read more after the jump…

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People really just don’t like Drake. And by that I mean the very idea of Drake. But like it or not, he’s about to go to the next level. I’d put money on it. And here’s why…

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NYPD Falsely Charges Black Man: “I Fried Another Nigger”

In this “post-racial” world we live in, society wants us to think we’re too sensitive, or imagining things when we speak out against the consistent mistreatment (to put it lightly) of our communities at the hands of law enforcement. Well, did we imagine this one? How ’bout we imagine all of the young men and women sitting in jail right now over this same racist, abusive bullshit. They aren’t just roughing us up out here; they are potentially ruining our young people’s lives!

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Is It Ever OK For White People To Say NIGGER?

Only Black people understand the true power of the word nigger. Does that mean only Black people can say it? Is it EVER ok for white people to say it? Sound off below!

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Maya Rupert’s “Is Marriage Equality for White People?”

Should Black people care about marriage equality? According to Maya Rupert, THEY SHOULD. What do you think?

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Nas Brings Back THE REAL With “Nasty” Music Video

Nas’ music video for “Nasty” is a statement about what really matters: family, community, humility and respect. The money? ….A welcome bonus. Check out Nas’ “Nasty” music video at BlackYouthProject.com!

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MUSICNEWS: Ice-T Doesn’t Like Hip-POP, Record Execs Trafficking COCAINE, and Rihanna’s New Album

MUSICNEWS: Ice-T Doesn’t Like Hip-POP, Record Execs Trafficking COCAINE, and Rihanna’s New Album Coming Soon…

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How Racism Is Destroying America’s Political Discourse

Racism grows classier and more refined every day, but it never goes away. How else can we explain the American people tolerating the unprecedented disrespect, racism, obstruction and outright legislative terrorism being perpetrated by the GOP?

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Why You Should Be Taking Tyler, the Creator and Kreayshawn Seriously

But don’t be fooled. Their success is organic and real; not some record label’s scheme. The rise of artists like Odd Future and Kreayshawn (as well as Lil B and Waka Flocka Flame) is subversive to Hip Hop’s status quo.

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