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Rapper Shawty Lo and His 10 Baby Mommas To Star in New Reality Show

A new reality tv show will focus on the lives of Shawty Lo and his ten baby mommas.; with whom he has eleven kids. Is this a new low for reality tv? Will you watch?

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On Mother’s Day: The Would be Superhero who Fears Being an Emotionally Arrested Black Mother

By Fallon 7:31 pm May 11, 2012 Since I was a little a brown girl, I have always secretly wanted to save the world. Yes, the whole big world. To say the least, I was utterly enthralled with movies like Indian Jones and the last Crusade to the point of obscene dissidence to the 80s […]

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The Black Matriarchal System: A Common Culprit in the Black Community

By aria 2:00 pm March 29, 2012 For decades, the existence of the black “matriarchy” has been studied, scrutinized and depicted in an effort to understand its causes and effects on the black family system. The term is contestable because while some schools of thought determine there is no black matriarchy, others who believe the […]

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