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Black Leaders Concerned White Candidate Will Take Jesse Jackson Jr’s Seat

In the wake of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s legal woes, and with so many African American candidates vying for his spot, many are concerned the black vote will be split, and a white candidate will win the race. Would you be disappointed if he was replaced by a white politician?

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Cornell West Calls Obama a “Rockefeller Republican in Blackface;” says Harris-Perry, Sharpton and Dyson are ‘For Sale’

Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley recently sat down for an interview with Democracy Now. And Dr. West pulled no punches; calling Obama a “A Rockefeller Republican in Blackface;” and essentially calling Melissa Harris-Perry, Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson sellouts. Thoughts?

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Why Are There ZERO African American Senators?

n the Senate’s history, there have only been six African American senators. Currently, there’s a whopping ZERO. And according to the Huffington Post, that’s not likely to change any time soon. What will it take to change this?

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State Senator Wants to Ban Sagging Pants in NYC Public Schools

New York State senator Eric Adams is making headlines by lobbying for a resolution that would ban baggy pants in New York City public schools. Is this an effort to save our young people, or is it an attack on Black youth culture?

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VIDEO: Black Occupy DC Protesters Speak!


This fasicnating video features the voices and perspectives of African American participants in OCCUPY DC. Watch it at BlackYouthProject.com!

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VIDEO: Herman Cain Singing “Imagine (There’s No Pizza)”


Herman Cain singing “Imagine (There’s No Pizza).” I was going to go to the trouble of researching the particulars surrounding this video, but what’s the point? It is the most surreal and hilarious thing you will see all day. It is absolutely insane. Stop what you are doing, and watch this.

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NYPD Falsely Charges Black Man: “I Fried Another Nigger”

In this “post-racial” world we live in, society wants us to think we’re too sensitive, or imagining things when we speak out against the consistent mistreatment (to put it lightly) of our communities at the hands of law enforcement. Well, did we imagine this one? How ’bout we imagine all of the young men and women sitting in jail right now over this same racist, abusive bullshit. They aren’t just roughing us up out here; they are potentially ruining our young people’s lives!

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Is It Ever OK For White People To Say NIGGER?

Only Black people understand the true power of the word nigger. Does that mean only Black people can say it? Is it EVER ok for white people to say it? Sound off below!

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Nas Brings Back THE REAL With “Nasty” Music Video

Nas’ music video for “Nasty” is a statement about what really matters: family, community, humility and respect. The money? ….A welcome bonus. Check out Nas’ “Nasty” music video at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Are Black People Willing To Call Eminem The Greatest Rapper Of All Time?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding which emcee they believe to be the greatest rapper of all time. Mine is Jay-Z. Yours might be 2pac. But is it OK for it to be Eminem?

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