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‘Toughest-in-the-Nation’ Voter ID Law Halted By WI Judge


Wisconsin’s controversial voter ID law, hailed as the ‘toughest in the nation,’ has been halted by Judge David Flanagan, pending an upcoming trial that will determine if it will be done away with altogether. Can we successfully stop the GOP-led assault on voting in time for the 2012 elections?

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Obama Announces ‘African Americans for Obama,’ Will Specifically Target Black Voters


Yesterday, the Obama Reelection Campaign launched African Americans for Obama, the arm of their Operation Vote campaign that will specifically appeal to the Black community; will engage Black business leaders, students at HBCUs, and even barbershop and beauty salon owners! Does he deserve your vote?

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Black History Spotlight: Malcolm X’s ‘The Ballot or the Bullet’

Today, we bring to you Malcolm X’s famous speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet.” Considered one of the greatest speeches in American history, X advocates for the putting aside of religious differences, and the exercising of one’s right to vote in the Black community; with the strong caveat that more drastic measures may be necessary if the needs of the Black community are still ignored.

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#BARACKTALK; State of the Union Watch Party + Panel TONIGHT!

Don’t miss #BARACKTALK 2012, an online State of the Union watch party and panel, set to go down Tuesday night during and after President Obama’s State of the Union address. The event, co-sponsored by The League of Young Voters, All Hip Hop, Rock The Vote, the Sierra Student Coalition, and The Black Youth Project, goes down tonight at 7:30PM EST.

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The Campaign to Suppress Black Voters Continues….

The campaign to suppress minority votes in the coming elections continues. The variety of new requirements for voting – which range from requring birth certificates and government-issued I.D to cutting early voting windows – disproportionately impact Black voters. We’ve got to get informed, and we must fight back!

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