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Caribbean countries sue former colonizers for reparations

By BYP @blackyouthproj 10:22 am March 12, 2014 Several Caribbean countries have decided to sue their former colonizers for reparations. According to an AP report, political leaders voted unanimously to pursue a lawsuit and have hired a law firm to help them with the effort.

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Fascinating Article: ‘Colonialism Helped Launch HIV Epidemic in Africa’


According to a fascinating article in the Washington Post, Colonialism in Africa helped launch the HIV epidemic over a century ago. It is a fascinating read that perfectly conveys how the plundering and exploitation of people and places at the hands of the West had many deadly, unintended consequences.

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The New Nigger

By Keantre Malone 9:24 pm December 14, 2010 Good day niggaz, the non black niggaz that is. Though many black leaders push for the burial of the term, they have not done so on behalf of the other colonized races. A Black multi-cultural person will soon confront the taboo as a minority among members of […]

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