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Gang Violence: Why it’s Time To Stop Blaming the Player and Blame the Game


By Mo Green 1:07 pm May 7, 2013 It was the wise Martin Luther King Jr. that stated, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Though explicitly referring to the active disenfranchisement of Black people in the 60’s, this powerful quote provides much truth in the context of urban violence. As a nation, our […]

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I killed my Black Mother and Now I am a Real Black Man: 14 year-old Black Boy Kills Mother?

By Fallon 9:45 am March 2, 2012 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNI58Qc8pRY 14 year old black boy says: “I want to be one of the big black boys.”  14 year old black boy says: “So, I killed my black mother with a twelve gauge shot gun.” Since when does killing your black mother make you a big boy? I […]

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Brandon White, ATL Gay-Bashing Victim, Speaks Out!

20 year-old gay man Brandon White has finally spoken out after a viral video of him being brutally gay-bashed by three men spread like wildfire across the internet this week. Check out his press conference at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Take Back Boystown: White vs Right?

By Justin L. Hill 11:36 pm August 2, 2011 “Boystown was built and created by gay whites with hard earned money years back…Its sad that Boystown has been taken advantage by these f***ing savage monkeys.“ “They also happen to be very noticeably out of place!! So why are they not questioned and asked to leave […]

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From:1910 Osborne Place, To: the media bogeymen

By Supernerd 6:33 pm October 18, 2010 On October 3-4, 2010, 10 members of the Latin King Goonies found one of their recruits, a 17 year- old wannabe, leaving the home of “La Reina [the queen].” They decided to torture him to find out if he was a “fag.”  After finding out that their potential recruit had […]

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Donnie McClurkin vs Tonéx: Round ONE

By Supernerd 5:24 pm November 19, 2009   The homosexuality controversy in black faith communities has reached a feverish pitch, especially with Tonéx’s and Donnie McClurkin’s recent admissions. Probably most renowned for the rumors regarding their sexuality, these two black gospel singers have become the centerpiece to the debate of the role homosexuals should play […]

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Derrion Albert, Fenger High and Neighborhood Melee Part 2: Establishing Blame

By Supernerd 3:12 am November 3, 2009   httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55FpBt6jJc0 “Where were the cops?” asks Letzbeforreal in his mini-video.  His question is not new. He, like everyone else, is looking to hold some bigger entity accountable for the murder of Derrion Albert.  He wants to lay blame where it does “the most good.”  Others assign blame to […]

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Derrion Albert, Fenger High and the Neighborhood Melee Part 1

By Supernerd 3:42 pm October 16, 2009 http://www.iviewtube.com/videos/89320/16-year-old-derrion-albert-beaten-to-death-in-chicago Derrion Albert’s murder was something like a blood sport event. As you watch in this clip, you can hear the man and woman, the camera crew, filming with their phone.  Starting at 36 seconds, the man says “Let me see that shawty,” to which the female responds […]

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