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10-year-old twins win scholarship to American Ballet Theatre Program


By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:54 am April 7, 2014 10-year-old twins Imani and Nia Lindsay started walking at just 8 months old and now they’ll be training at one of the nation’s top ballet theatre programs on scholarship this year. The twins are skilled in acrobatics, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance. 

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Gay dance group stirs controversy at Alabama Christmas Parade

By BYP @blackyouthproj 10:34 am December 27, 2013 A gay all-male dance team’s participation in an annual Christmas parade has some Alabama residents up in arms. The Prancing Elites of Mobile, lined up just like other parading groups, but the attention the group received was less than welcoming. 

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Juicy J Offers – Then Revokes – $50,000 Scholarship to the Best Twerker

Oscar winner, Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia and Taylor Gang fame, announced via Twitter that he will give $50,000 in scholarship money to the best twerker:

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Dance Group Stages Flashmob to Protest ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

A dance group called Dance for Action staged a flashmob outside of Chuck Schumer’s New York office in protest of “Stand Your Ground” laws: “We’ve all been dancing and dancing is the way that we’ve expressed ourselves all these years. We thought we could use dance as a form of protest to apply pressure to the proper people to repeal the law.”

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San Diego Students Suspended, Banned from Graduation and Prom Over Twerk Video

A group of students at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego have been suspended, banned from prom, and will not walk at graduation after participating in a twerk video that found its way onto the internet.

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Stolen Property | THE HARLEM SHAKE

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 12:31 pm March 6, 2013 Blogger, Rashad J. Smith  The Black Culture is pure and rich. The creative minds of those before our time created opportunities where non existed, in every facet of art and education. Fashion, music, cuisine, language, and rhythmic movements are amongst the many art forms created and perfected by Blacks.  Most […]

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Bodies Diced Up On Drum Machines: Knowledge From New Choreographers

By Keantre Malone 1:31 pm November 24, 2011 Our parents figured that their generation saw the end of “real” dancing. You know, they tell you that they danced artistically and romantically and that we have pioneered a tasteless substitute for sex. I’m embarrassed to say that I was starting to believe the hype, but this […]

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