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“I might as well be Gay…”

As I embark on a career in broadcast journalism, I have to admit my fears. My fear is not the hideously low pay coupled with the brutal hours. Nor is it the fact that I may get a masters’ degree in something that will prove to never be worth the money. My fear is that […]

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Is The Black Church Brainwashing Black People With Homophobia?


A powerful NewsOne article from writer Terrence Jermaine Starr asks if the Black Church is brainwashing our community with homophobia. But is our community any more or less homophobic that American society at large? Read more at!

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VIDEO: Fat Joe Says “Gay Mafia” Runs Hip Hop


In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Fat Joe asserted that Hip Hop is run by the “gay mafia.” What the hell is Joey talking about? Read more at!

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On the Origins of Our Sexuality

So it has come to mind lately that sexuality begins with responses to someone else’s arousing actions. Completely dependent on the first occasions of sexual excitement, sexuality also stands before us freely, not committed to hetero or homo orientations. When we talk about molestation and refer to it as a crime, we talk about adults […]

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