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Quentin Tarantino Says The War on Drugs Is Essentially Modern Day Slavery

In a recent interview, Quentin Tarantino asserted that the war on drugs is essentially modern day slavery.Do you agree? What will it take to end the War on Drugs?

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Dick Gregory Calls Spike Lee A Thug and a Punk For Criticizing Django Unchained

Legendary comedian Dick Gregory went off on Spike Lee over his widely-publicized criticism of the film Django Unchained, calling him a thug and a punk. Do you agree with Dick Gregory? Was Spike Lee’s critique of the film out of line?

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For Your Consideration: Summer M.’s Movie Pitch

By Summer M. 9:11 am January 14, 2013 It’s awards season. And although I did not spend a tremendous amount of time in the movie theater, I learned a thing or two about what’s hot in Hollywood, which might be summed up in the following tweet from Erykah Badu: Judging from the trailers I sometimes […]

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