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Duke dorm named after racist to be renamed

Duke University officials have changed the name of a dorm that honors a known white supremacist. The dorm, formerly named after racist leader and North Carolina governor Charles B. Aycock, will now be know as East Residence Hall. 

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Full Court Press: A (Long-Winded) Defense of Jalen Rose

If last week’s rather desultory and occasionally poorly rendered post on The Fab Five was any indication, my love for Jalen Rose and the rest of the Fab Five is immense and endures even today.  I appreciate many of the things they symbolized.  Just like back in ’91, many do not hold this cohort of […]

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Jalen Rose on Duke’s Black Players

It seems every day there’s a topic that has my timeline jumping. Tuesday morning there were still smatterings of conversation about CryGate 2011 but the big topic of conversation was Jalen Rose and his controversial remarks regarding Duke basketball’s recruiting habits. Rose, in his soon to be released documentary, remarks that he has a personal […]

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