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Study: People more empathetic towards whites than blacks

According to a recent study, people are more empathetic towards whites than blacks, especially regarding medical treatment or pain. The discovery is known as the “racial empathy gap.” It shows that people including medical personnel assume blacks feel less pain than whites.

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Black People Can Handle It: Empathy and Educational Inequity


By Mo Green 9:40 am July 2, 2013 A lack of empathy perpetuates racial disparities…. At least, that is what Slate writer, Jason Silverstein, argues. Touching on a plethora of severe identity issues within our “post-racial” society (just kidding, that doesn’t exist), Silverstein demonstrates problematic assumptions on “what it means to be black.” Answers to […]

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STUDY: People Generally Lack Empathy for Black Pain

A recent study asserts that people generally believe black people feel less pain than whites. Called the racial empathy gap, it helps to explain the persistence of racial disparities in our society; in everything from medical care, to social and economic policies, to the criminal justice system.

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Healing Our Relationships Take REAL Empathy


By Keantre Malone 2:16 pm July 31, 2012 Tribal relationships—unions of people that involve romance and creativity—are hard to maintain because of conflicting worldviews. What it means to be a man or womyn in love causes problems for many tribes because their demands and dreams clash without a middle ground. Since I’m raised to be […]

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Have Americans Lost Their Empathy in this Recession?

By aria 2:00 pm February 16, 2012 In today’s economy, it seems that everyone is struggling in some way – students are worried about loan debt, homeowners are worried about the value of their homes and everyone seems to be cutting back on some of the finer things in life. In considering that most everyone […]

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