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Cal State-LA students, faculty argue for Ethnic Studies requirement

Students and faculty at Cal State-LA argued for an Ethnic Studies course graduation requirement before its Academic Senate Tuesday. This effort comes a month after the Senate voted against making taking one course in the discipline a requirement. 

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Arizona Students Organize Their Own Ethnic Studies Courses

In opposition to a city-wide ban on the teaching of Mexican-American Studies courses in high schools, a group of Tucson, AZ Chicano students have organized their own weekly ethnic studies courses.

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Razing Arizona

I guess I have to start protesting Arizona, née Mexico, which sucks because I’m totally not into marching, making colorful signs, or shouting rhymes in unison with a bunch of people.  I suppose, then, that I have to resort to other means of expressing my disapproval.  At first I thought I’d boycott  U.S. Airways, an […]

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