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Eminem’s “Recovery” Tracklisting, and A Rant About “Going Pop”….

…Others harbored concern for the album’s stylistic direction, pointing to the aforementioned, decidedly unexpected collabos as proof that Eminem may be going “pop.” Of course, this sentiment is absurd.How can anyone consider an artist who literally sold more albums than anybody else this past decade, and put out two diamond albums (The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show have each sold 10 million copies) in a row, to be anything but pop?

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A Rant About USHER…

All things considered, Usher ain’t been the same since Confessions.

You know that; I know that.

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Kat Stacks: Sex, Sultriness, and Sensationalism

By edward 8:00 am April 27, 2010 I tried to stay above the fray. For weeks I have contemplated writing a post about a certain Internet sensation that goes by the name of Kat Stacks. With the legalization of racial profiling and xenophobia in Arizona, NBA playoffs, and financial regulation I had a slew of […]

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THOUGHTS: Dr. Dre’s Ready To DETOX, M.I.A.’s Not Impressed With Gaga, and Rihanna’s Hitting The Road

By Dallas @smarteys 11:56 am April 9, 2010   Earlier this week, legendary producer Dr. Dre officially announced his intentions to release his long-awaited 3rd and (allegedly) final album, the now-mythical Detox, in 2010. Of course, we’ve heard this shit before; every year since 2007 or so has been the year Detox would finally see […]

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WHAT THE F@%! HAPPENED!? (PT. III): Amy Winehouse

Winehouse was touted as a world class vocalist, a supremely gifted songwriter, and a certified game-changer within the landscape of popular music. And then everything went wrong. Very wrong.

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By the end of 2000, D’Angelo was without question THE man, receiving commercial and critical success, and thus free to go in any direction he wanted artistically. And then he disappeared.

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What The F@%! Happened?!: LAURYN HILL

At the tender age of 23, and just one album into her solo career, Lauryn Hill was catapulted unexpectedly into mega-stardom, and looked upon with an almost divine level of adoration and respect. Clearly, Hill was not ready for it….

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