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UPDATE: Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Cuba Visit Was Approved by U.S. Treasury Dept.

Members of Congress are calling for an investigation into Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recent, widely-publicized trip to Cuba. Jay and Bey are alleged to have not gotten the proper clearance for the trip, and could face a substantial fine?

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Fidel Castro Rumored to Have Suffered Stroke; Is Facing Death

A Venezuelan doctor named Jose Rafiel Marquina had told the media that Castro suffered a massive stroke and is in a vegetative state .However, his account is unconfirmed, and the Cuban government denies the story.

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What Role Models Mean For People-of-Color

By Keantre Malone 2:11 pm May 8, 2012 America makes it hard for people of color to have role models. Our leaders not only face systematic murder, but surrender their legacy to our various oppressors. Speaking of my experience, I never learned about Fidel Castro or the Black Panthers in school. When they were briefly […]

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