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Stacey Dash blames Obama, calls blacks ‘uneducated’ and ‘worthless’ due to his policies


By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:34 pm October 16, 2014 Ever since Stacey Dash dipped her feet into the realm of political commentary, she’s been stirring up controversy. The latest? Referring to blacks as “worthless” and “uneducated” due to President Obama’s policies. The comments came during a segment of Hannity. 

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Stacey Dash joins FOX news as contributor

By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:24 pm May 28, 2014 Actress Stacey Dash will be joining FOX News Channel as a contributor. Dash, of Clueless and Single Ladies fame, will be seen on FOX providing “cultural analysis” on the news of the day.

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Writer advocates for inclusive holiday figure, Fox News reassures us that both Jesus & Santa are White

By BYP @blackyouthproj 3:57 pm December 12, 2013 Earlier this week, writer Aisha Harris composed an essay asking for a more inclusive and culturally sensitive Christmas holiday figure.  Harris argued that the image of Santa Claus as a jolly, fat white man propagates the idea of whiteness as a default category, and suggested that he be replaced with […]

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Don Lemon Agrees w/ Bill O’Reilly; Launches His Own Rant Against Black Youth

Don Lemon has come under fire for expressing agreement with Bill O’Reilly’s controversial statements regarding crime in the Black community.

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Fox News Contributor: Welfare and Food Stamps Make Poverty Feel ‘A Little Comfortable’

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto on Business,” contributor Charles Payne asserted that programs like welfare and food stamps can make poverty feel “a little comfortable.”

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Fox News’ Election Coverage: ‘New Black Panthers Engaging In Voter Intimidation’

With election day comes the usual fair and balanced reporting of Fox News.Their current top story: New Black Panthers engaging in alleged voter intimidation at Philadelphia polling places. Again.

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Geraldo Rivera’s Idiotic Rant: ‘Trayvon’s Hoodie Is As Responsible for His Death as George Zimmerman’

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera is under fire after asserting that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as much to blame for his death as George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who pulled the trigger. Missing the point doesn’t even begin to explain this kind of ignorance…

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Mistaken Identity

By Summer M. 8:28 am May 16, 2011 So last week, the black blogosphere was ablaze about Fox News’ objection to rapper, Common’s appearance at the White House for an evening of poetry.  (I blame spoken word’s roach-like ability to last so long on something incredibly jacked up I must have done in a former […]

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