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October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness: But Are We Truly Aware of Both??

By Fallon 10:07 am October 14, 2011 So, I am sitting here trying to understand why during the month of October Breast Cancer Awareness gets more media attention and corporate sponsorship than Domestic Violence Awareness which is also remembered during the month of October. I know that most women have breast irrespective of their size, pigmentation, […]

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A Daughter’s Reflection on Sickness, Intimacy, and her Godmother

By Fallon 9:03 am July 1, 2011 When I was a little black girl I would secretly pray to God, the Father, to become sick. You see, when I was sick my non-domestic black mother would cuddle me and become the “ideal mother.” She would busy herself with medicinal concoctions and Vick’s rub. Yes, my […]

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Lauryn Hill Plays Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

These are great performances, and things in the world of Lauryn Hill are finally starting to look promising again. I’m almost willing to start crossing my fingers for a lil’ new music from L-Boogie sometime this decade. Almost.

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R.I.P. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez

Left Eye embodied the spirit of TLC; she made them fun, unpredictable, and controversial. Lisa called it like she saw it and never held her tongue. And that’s why she’s an icon. And more than anything else, that’s why I miss her.

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Dear Yemaja: A Year Later and Haiti Women Cry Out at Kanye West’s Monster

By Fallon 10:32 am January 14, 2011 Dear Yemaja (Lucumi/Santeria Mother Goddess), Last year, I wrote a blog entitled, Some Natural Disasters are not so Natural but Vodou (Spirit) will Prevail. Yes, I wrote that Spirit and Spirits would rise and rattle those who seek to indebt and control Haiti. I wrote that Haiti would […]

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