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Student Faces Jail Time After Threatening School Shooting in Joke Tumblr Post

20-year old Caleb Clemmons has been in jail for 6 months after threatening to shoot up his school in a satirical Tumblr post.

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City Treasurer Stephanie Neely Calls for Version of “Stop and Frisk” Program in Chicago

Chicago city treasurer Stephanie Neely has called for a version of New York’s “Stop and Frisk” program to combat the city’s gun violence crisis. This program denies our young people of their dignity and constitutional rights, and treats law-abiding people like criminals.

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High School Student Shoots Himself While Handcuffed in Patrol Car

Although he was handcuffed, searched, and then put in the back of a patrol car, police and student officials are claiming that a Houston-area high school student was rushed to the hospital after shooting himself.

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