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Second medical worker in Dallas tests positive for Ebola

A second Dallas hospital worker who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease. It is unclear how the second worker contracted the virus. 

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Pizza is a Vegetable? Congress Seems to Think So

If you haven’t heard from a pizza fanatic, like myself, last month Congress wrote a bill that continues to allow the tomato paste on pizza to be counted as a serving of vegetables. While you may have heard this argument circulating for a while, the Obama administration and the Department of Agriculture have proposed to […]

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CDC Report: Blacks Hit w/ STDs at Higher Rate Than Whites


According to a new report from the CDC, Black people (partcularly young Black people) and Hispanics contract sexually transmitted diseases at a much higher rate than whites. What can we do about this epidemic in our community? Read more at!

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From Death Panels to Individual Liberty: The Affordable Care Act

If you are like me and want to know more about the Affordable Care Act be prepared to wade through the murky waters of fact versus fiction.  Moreover, much if not all of what is heard about the Affordable Care Act has been the GOP’s advertisements and slander of the law, which as far as content is concerned amounts to noise. […]

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Where is the Black Liberal Agenda?

Last week we all had the opportunity to watch Barack Obama’s healthcare speech. A couple of weeks ago I asked, where is Obama’s Political Saavy? And in the above speech I believe not only did he find it, but he remembered what the people who voted him into office [overwhelmingly] mandated. So needless to say […]

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