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Iowa lawmakers consider tough law on HIV exposure


By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:45 am March 31, 2014 Currently, people who do not disclose their HIV status in Iowa face long prison sentences and a permanent spot on the sex offender registry list. Now, lawmakers in the state are reconsidering the legislation. 

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Southern University researcher receives $900,000 to prevent AIDS

Dr. Alma Thornton is the director of the Center for Social Research at Southern University Baton Rouge. She was recently awarded a three-year, $900,000 federal grant to assist in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

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Lee Daniels Offends w/ ‘Welfare Clinic’ Comments; Issues Non-Apology

In an interview with Larry King, “The Butler” director Lee Daniels, who is gay, was discussing homophobia and sexually transmitted infections in the black community. He relayed a story in which he walked into a gay men’s health clinic in New York, and thought he’d entered a “welfare clinic.”

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HIV Among Black Women Higher Than Initially Thought; Comparable to sub-Saharan Africa

According to a recent report, the rate of HIV infections among Black women is five times higher than originally thought; comparable to infection rates in sub-Saharan Africa. How do we curb this epidemic?

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A Message To Black LBGT Youth On National Coming Out Day

The Black Youth Project wishes our readers a wonderful and liberating Coming Out Day. But we also want to make it very clear that all of us – regardless of age, gender, race or socioeconomic status – are on our own journeys. Nobody knows the best time for you to come out BUT YOU.

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Porn, Poverty, Public Health and the Pursuit of Happiness

By Justin L. Hill 1:00 pm January 25, 2011 For many, it is hard to have open conversations about vaginas, penises, and anuses, especially when ‘beavers,’ ‘one-eyed snakes’ and ‘poop-chutes’ play bump in the [supposed] night. Even when we talk about “them” bumping in the night, many of us create euphemisms to get around the […]

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World AIDS Day

By tamara @tamaracg 1:12 pm December 1, 2010 Every December 1st since 1988, activists around the globe ban together to raise money and awareness for the prevention and treatment of AIDS. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew9GX4bFMWs&feature=player_embedded#! This year has seen major advances in the battle against AIDS. Prevention efforts have been somewhat effective in stablizing the pandemic. This news […]

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Hate The Fags…Just Don’t Kill Them? WTF

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 1:57 am January 6, 2010 They said it would make my life better. They said I would find my “purpose.” It was my 8th grade school year. My pastor said I should read this book that would change my life. The name of the book was A Purpose Driven Life by Rick […]

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WORLD AIDS DAY: Reflections and Memories

By Supernerd 5:41 pm December 3, 2009 In honor of World AIDS Day 2009, I want to open up a conversation/discussion about sex.  Sex makes me nervous! I get nervous both before and after sex. I am nervous because in my head I picture this spinning chart of numbers and statistics that makes me realize that sex is the ultimate Russian roulette. You pull […]

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