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Trans Woman Sues State of Georgia for Human Rights Abuses

Ashley Diamond

By Diamond 5:02 pm February 23, 2015 A prisoner in the Georgia prison system, Ashley Diamond is suing the Georgia for refusing her hormonal therapy during the last three years. From NY Daily News: Three years without hormone therapy is reversing everything that Ashley Diamond, an incarcerated transgender woman, has fought for. Her booking photo […]

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Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Today is the 95th birthday of the incomparable Nelson Mandela. And – coinciding with this great day – we are happy to report that Mandela’s health is reportedly improving!

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Idris Elba Stars as Nelson Mandela in Upcoming Biopic

Idris Elba will play Nelson Mandela in the upcoming biopic ‘Long Walk to Freedom,” set for a November release. According to Elba, the role was an inspiring and rewarding experience: “Mandela spent 27 years in jail to fight for a nation of people and I learned a lot about sacrifice in that sense”

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Pro-Palestinian Organization’s Petition Calls on Alicia Keys to Cancel Israel Concert

Pro-Palestinian organization called the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has created an online petition, calling on Alicia Keys to cancel a concert in Israel scheduled for July 4th.

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Obamas Visit Goree Island Slavery Museum in Senegal

Currently touring Africa, The Obamas recently visited Goree Island in Senegal, a site from which African slaves were shipped to North America.

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Kansas Considering Bill Allowing for People Living with HIV/AIDS to be Quarantined

The state of Kansas is currently considering a bill that would allow those who are HIV positive to possibly be quarantined and separated from the rest of society: Outrageous. Why hasn’t there been more coverage of this news? Larger protests?

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Pastor Withdraws From Inaugural Ceremony Over Anti-Gay Remarks

A pastor set to deliver the inaugural benediction at the Obama Inauguration this month has withdrawn over anti-gay remarks he made in the mid-90s. Are you glad Giglio will not be speaking at the inauguration? How did the inaugural committee miss this?

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Home Ownership and Community Ties


By Johnaé @johnae_alyse 1:00 am January 18, 2012 Growing up in East Cleveland, everyone on my block lived in a house that was owned by the family. It was comforting to have a home to grow up in and to have stable neighbors who acted as extended family. I realize now that home ownership contributed […]

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Take Back Boystown: White vs Right?

By Justin L. Hill 11:36 pm August 2, 2011 “Boystown was built and created by gay whites with hard earned money years back…Its sad that Boystown has been taken advantage by these f***ing savage monkeys.“ “They also happen to be very noticeably out of place!! So why are they not questioned and asked to leave […]

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The Rubin Stacy Story: A Meditation on lynching in a Post-Racial America

By Justin L. Hill 4:48 pm February 3, 2011  “The faintest ink is better than the best memory” was said to me by a friend’s uncle at Christmas lunch in Barbados. If ink beats memory, then pictures beat the self-induce fantasy of a nation, right?  For this black history month, I question the existence of a post-racial […]

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