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Style Wars: Not Graffiti But Hipster Takeover

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm April 10, 2012 Style, or the way we construct our dress, seems capable to achieve political goals—equal to the power of protests. Speaking from experience, I did not know that my clothes upset the authority figures. Since my professor claimed that I was funny-looking last night, I’ve found a complement […]

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Bodies Diced Up On Drum Machines: Knowledge From New Choreographers

By Keantre Malone 1:31 pm November 24, 2011 Our parents figured that their generation saw the end of “real” dancing. You know, they tell you that they danced artistically and romantically and that we have pioneered a tasteless substitute for sex. I’m embarrassed to say that I was starting to believe the hype, but this […]

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