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Teens Who Disappeared After Meeting Man on Facebook FOUND

The two teens who disappeared after meeting up with a man they met on Facebook have been found. Liana Andrews, 16, and Kacie Watson were discovered in San Antonio, Texas begging for money.

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Homeless Teen’s Online Campaign Funds His Enrollment at Howard University!

Homeless 19-year old James Ward will attend Howard University this fall after soliciting online donations to his college fund. In just a few days, his story spread like wildfire; he’s already raised $12,000!

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Hospital Reverses Decision to Deny Dying 15-Year Old Heart Transplant

A Children’s Hospital in Atlanta has reversed its decision to deny dying 15-Year Old Anthony Stokes a heart transplant because of his low grades and run-ins w/ the law after a fierce media backlash.

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18-Year Old Gabrielle Turnquest is the Youngest Person to Pass UK Bar Exam

After graduating from college at 16, 18-year old Florida native Gabrielle Turnquest is now the youngest person to ever pass the UK bar exam.

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Rapper Charged w/ Double Homicide After Allegedly Rapping About It

A Virginia rapper named Twain Gotti has been arrested in connection to a double homicide after allegedly rapping about it.

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Don Lemon and Media Violence Against Young Black Men


Don Lemon’s comments are reminiscent of the media violence that has played out across news broadcast with reports that have called young black men crack babies, predators, dropouts, absentee fathers, and thugs. Reports that have captured the American imagination, and created moral panic.

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4-Year Old Genius Anala Beevers Invited to Join MENSA

Four-year old Anala Beevers is literally a genius. Hailing from New Orleans, Anala is so brilliant that she’s been invited to join MENSA, an international organization for people with IQs in the 98 percentile or higher.

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Thessalonika Arzu-Embry Set to Graduate from College at 14-Years Old

At just 14-years old, Great Lakes, Illinois native Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is set to graduate from college. She’ll receive a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Chicago State University.

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15-Year Old Temar Boggs Hailed as a Hero After Rescuing Missing Girl

15-year old Temar Boggs is being hailed as a hero after helping to rescue an abducted 5-year old girl. After joining a search party for the child, Boggs started following a suspicious car on his bike. Realizing he was being tailed, the kidnapper let the missing girl out of the car and drove off.

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MUST WATCH: 100 Young Black Activists Respond to George Zimmerman Verdict

BYP Group Shot close up

Watch a passionate and deeply moving video of the entire BYP100 reading their collective response to the George Zimmerman verdict: “We continue to call out Black Love, Black Power and Black is Beautiful in the face of continued devaluation of Black life. We affirm a love of ALL Black life, no matter if we are in hoodies or business suits, incarcerated or in boardrooms, on welfare or in the WNBA, on the corner or in the White House.”

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