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A (Friendly) Reminder

By Summer M. 9:09 am January 31, 2011 Antoine Dodson’s fifteen minutes are not over yet.  Last week, I learned (via Twitter, duh), that Dodson, who became (internet) famous when his rant to the local news was remixed by The Gregory Brothers into “The Bed Intruder Song,” has already begun filming a reality show based […]

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We Enjoy Black Female Misery: From Tara in True Blood to Fantasia to Kelly Dodson . . . Can Black Women Get a Break?

By Fallon 8:59 am August 27, 2010 So, I am a True Blood fan. However, I am tired of seeing the only black female character, Tara, get pulled through the proverbial ringer on every episode beginning with Season One and ending with Season Three. Is it too much to ask that Tara get a break? […]

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