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From The Shrug Files: Queen Latifah Comes Out?

When Queen Latifah signed on to perform at Long Beach, California’s gay pride parade, many figured she would finally seize the opportunity to come out. And she did…sort of. Does it matter if Queen Latifah explicitly comes out or not?

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Clip of the Day

VIDEO: Interview with PARIAH director Dee Rees and actress Kim Wayans!

Pariah tells the powerful “coming of age” story of a young, Black lesbian. The film is slowly garnering more and more screens, and more and more praise and acclaim, with each passing day. Check out a fascinating interview with director Dee Rees and and actress Kim Wayans at!

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Cult Following: The Lovers and Friends Show

I’ll readily admit that, The Golden Girls (greatest sitcom ever!) notwithstanding, I have rather asinine taste in television and film.  Seriously, my undying love for the good-n-terrible movie, Hav Plenty is well beyond absurd.  Still, I am compelled to temporarily cease from railing against the news and pop culture of the day (is this real […]

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