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New Jersey students who took lynching photo won’t face charges


No criminal charges will be filed against members of a New Jersey high school wrestling team who posed in a photo simulating a lynching. The picture showed seven white boys in Phillipsburg wrestling attire surrounding a black wrestling dummy wearing a rival school’s t-shirt. The dummy was hanging from a noose. 

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In controversial art project, black artist ‘lynches’ two white students on college campus

A black Sacramento State University student and artist is being accused of reverse racism after going public with an exhibit depicting two white men being lynched on campus. Christina Edwards, a senior at the university said she wanted to send a strong message about the social injustices faced by African Americans then and now.

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High School Students Hung Black Baby Doll By Its Neck; Posted Images Online

Parents and school officials at Washburn High School were shocked to learn that four students had hung a black baby doll by its neck, and then posted photos of the incident on social media sites.

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On Lynching and Prejudice

Photos of lynched bodies have always given me pause. My body has a very visceral reaction to seeing a lifeless form hanging from a tree. More than the body, the white faces that stare up at it in contentment, contempt or fascination haunt my mind for hours, and sometimes days after seeing a photo of […]

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