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Summer M.’s Finals Week

By Summer M. 9:02 am December 3, 2012 For many, today marks the beginnings of finals week, a slew of tests given at the end of the semester wherein students attempt to coherently regurgitate everything they learned last night while cramming. In this tradition, I’d like to assign several essay questions to a few folks […]

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Game of Thrones: MJB Discusses Her Burger King Commercial

By Summer M. 12:09 pm June 29, 2012 Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary. Just give it up already, will you? Mary J. Blige talked to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez about her poorly thought out Burger King commercial. And she’s still crying foul:

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Say WHAT!? Mary J. Blige Cast as Malcolm X’s Widow

Mary J. Blige has been cast to play Betty Shabazz in the upcoming film, Parallel Lives, a television film about Shabazz and Coretta Scott King, the widows of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., respectively. Do you think Blige has the acting chops to pull this off?

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Burger Queen of Hip-Hop Soul

By Summer M. 8:31 am April 9, 2012 Wow, Mary J. Blige! Way to attempt to throw Burger King under the proverbial bus. The only thing more laughable than your people’s move to distance you from the role you played in Burger King’s celebrity-laden rebranding effort was the actual commercial. And yes, I laughed. Hard. […]

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