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What Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman Teach Us About Respectability & Black Masculinity


By Diamond 1:14 pm February 3, 2015 “Black masculinity and respectability are not synonymous, nor do we need/want them to be,” writes the Crunk Feminist Collective

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NBA star Jason Collins made history, but is his career history because of it?

Earlier this year, NBA free agent Jason Collins made history when he broke his silence by coming out of the closet. Collins was the first active player to ever declare his homosexuality in the Big Three U.S. sports leagues. He was praised by teammates, officials in the league and the general population, but still remains unemployed.

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[T]here’s Daddy

By Summer M. 8:12 am April 29, 2013 Two requests: 1. Forgive me for writing about basketball two weeks in a row, and 2. Allow me to wonder aloud for a bit. Last week, one of the most disappointing articles I read was about the rise and fall of Allen Iverson, the first overall pick of […]

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She Got Game: On The W’s Rookie Class

By Summer M. 9:47 am April 22, 2013 I was wrong. Really wrong. Wrong as LL and Brad Paisley’s solution for solving racism (aka Obama’s Race Speech: The Musical). Wrong as my desire to hear Stacey Dash on that remix. I got it wrong. Really wrong. Last year around this time, I predicted that Notre […]

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REPORT: Black Gay Youth Face Unique Challenges Coming Out To Families

Black gay youth face a unique set of challenges in coming out to family and friends, according to a recent study. How can we do a better job of affirming and supporting black gay youth?

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Rhythm, Blue, Social Disorder

By Keantre Malone 6:08 pm September 25, 2012 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3cFVlKO8gA&feature=fvst The conscious humyn evaluates and integrates various influences of  style regardless of race, gender or and social divisions. If “male” has a significance, you could receive the conscious male and his personality as influenced by Sade or Nina Simone. He, or better the humyn, could express […]

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13 Year-Old Gangsta Rapper Lil’ Mouse’s ‘Get Smoked’ Video Sparks Outrage


13 year-old rapper Lil’ Mouse’s music video ‘Get Smoked” has racked up nearly half a million views on youtube. But his profanity-laced gangsta rap lyrics – rife with references to drugs, sex, and guns – has sparked outrage. Is there any justification for this?

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The Hood on Four Wheels

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm May 1, 2012 Since when has skateboarding become a standard by which we judge black masculinity? Prior to Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams, you would not see skate culture—promotion of local skate shops, perfection of kick flips and ollies, etc.—in music videos. Back then, the culture had an explicit expression […]

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Style Wars: Not Graffiti But Hipster Takeover

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm April 10, 2012 Style, or the way we construct our dress, seems capable to achieve political goals—equal to the power of protests. Speaking from experience, I did not know that my clothes upset the authority figures. Since my professor claimed that I was funny-looking last night, I’ve found a complement […]

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I killed my Black Mother and Now I am a Real Black Man: 14 year-old Black Boy Kills Mother?

By Fallon 9:45 am March 2, 2012 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNI58Qc8pRY 14 year old black boy says: “I want to be one of the big black boys.”  14 year old black boy says: “So, I killed my black mother with a twelve gauge shot gun.” Since when does killing your black mother make you a big boy? I […]

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