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Maya Angelou to be awarded Mailer Lifetime Achievement Award

World-renown author, poet and actress Dr. Maya Angelou will be awarded the Norman Mailer Center & Writers Colony’s lifetime achievement award. Angelou received the National Book Foundation’s 2013 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literacy Community earlier this month.

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Maya Angelou to Younger Generation: You Are Not the B-Word; You Are Not the N-Word

Maya Angelou recent interview: “I continue to say to young people, You are cared for,” she said. “They are worth everything. Women are better than being called the “b” word, and blacks are better than being called the ‘n’ word.”

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What Does it Really Mean to Be Black?

All my life my friends always thought it was funny that I didn’t “act black, talk black or dress black”. I always found it funny they decided I should act a certain way based on my race. I heard those comments since I was about 8. In an almost all white school system, the children […]

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A Father’s Day Reflection: Do Black Fathers Matter?

For the past 15 years of my life, Father’s Day was a day to be tolerated if not ignored. Unlike Mother’s Day where I actually thirst for the presence of my mother or someone else’s mother, I feel completely indifferent about Father’s Day. And, perhaps, my indifference has much to do with the fact that […]

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Negro Is, Negro Ain’t: On Erica Jong’s Version of Oprah

Last week, Erica Jong wrote the most random “book review” (or something) I have ever read in my life.  In her Huffington Post blog, Jong, apparently charged with discussing Kitty Kelley’s recently published unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey, essentially writes about knowing both Winfrey and Kelley, and admits that she hasn’t actually finished the text […]

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Women Her-story Month: Do You Have a Chosen Sister?

I speak as a – a sister of a sister. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on my birthday. And for over 30 years, Coretta Scott King and I have telephoned, or sent cards to each other, or flowers to each other, or met each other somewhere in the world. We called ourselves “chosen sisters” […]

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