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Maya Angelou to Younger Generation: You Are Not the B-Word; You Are Not the N-Word

Maya Angelou recent interview: “I continue to say to young people, You are cared for,” she said. “They are worth everything. Women are better than being called the “b” word, and blacks are better than being called the ‘n’ word.”

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Lisa Lampanelli Sparks Outrage Over Use of the N-Word; Says Context Matters

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is embroiled in controversy after using the word nigga in a tweet last week. She has defended herself on the grounds that “nigga” and “nigger” are two different words, and that context matters. Thoughts?

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Maya Angelou Upset w/ Common for Using N-Word on Collaboration


According to the New York Post, poet Maya Angelou is upset with rapper Common for use of the “n-word” on his track “The Dreamer;” a song on which Ms. Angelou is a featured guest. Ms. Angelou had no idea such lyrics would be featured on the track. Should he have warned Ms. Angelou? Read more at BlackYouthProject.com

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The New Nigger

By Keantre Malone 9:24 pm December 14, 2010 Good day niggaz, the non black niggaz that is. Though many black leaders push for the burial of the term, they have not done so on behalf of the other colonized races. A Black multi-cultural person will soon confront the taboo as a minority among members of […]

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