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VIDEO: Black Nurses Allegedly Called “Too Black,” “Too Ghetto” By Nursing Company, Denied White Patients


Four Atlanta women are suing a nursing company for denying them access to white patients because they were deemed “too black,” “too old” or “too ghetto.” Watch a news report on the allegations at BlackYouthProject.com!

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The Stank Eye Woman Syndrome and how Black Male Privilege is to Blame: Are Black Men Really Ignorant of how they “Compartmentalize” their “Female Friends”?

By Fallon 8:54 am May 13, 2011 So, in the traditional way in which black people begin their stories, “What had happened was . . .” I attended this event where one of my best male friends was hosting. Upon arriving my best male friend comes and says, pejoratively and with great amusement, “Your friend […]

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When a Black Mother takes the Helm: Trisha Fraser is Going to Sue Pro-Life Groups

By Fallon 8:37 am May 6, 2011 Standing stalwart face bearing the knowledge of the coming storm with melded limbs of moving muscles sensing the pending fight . . . they dig their feet, their pumps, their gym shoes into the dirt provoking . . . if not downright bear baiting the coming foe . […]

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Women’s Herstory Month: Do You Know Any Border-Crossing Black Women?

By Fallon 8:36 am March 25, 2011 On the last Friday of Women’s Her-story Month, I want to honor black women who are what I call “border-crossers.” Border crossing is centered in the margins and “what moves people” . . . the fluid transmissions and the mergers. It comes out of womanism and black feminism. […]

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Such a Painful Black Girl Reunion: Oprah and Iyanla

By Fallon 9:12 am February 25, 2011 As a middle school student, I remember reading Iyanla Vanzant’s One Day My Soul Just Opened Up and thinking who is this black woman to write such a book about spiritual recovery that did not mention Jesus Christ as the penultimate factor in spiritual rejuvenation. Yes, back then […]

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Honoring Dr. Maya Angelou: “That Woman There”

By Fallon 11:43 am November 19, 2010 It was announced this week that Dr. Maya Angelou along with 14 other nominees will receive the Presidential Award of Freedom and I immediately wondered what words of wisdom or better yet what bonafide older black woman musings would grace the ears of the other nominees from the […]

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