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Today in Post-Race History: Beast Mode

By Summer M. 12:53 pm October 7, 2013 Last week, I wrote about Washington’s NFL team and the resistance by team management, and their most prominent football player, Robert Griffin III, to do the right thing and demand that the team change its name. In a sense, the call to change the name is not […]

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Women’s Herstory Month: Do You Know Any Border-Crossing Black Women?

By Fallon 8:36 am March 25, 2011 On the last Friday of Women’s Her-story Month, I want to honor black women who are what I call “border-crossers.” Border crossing is centered in the margins and “what moves people” . . . the fluid transmissions and the mergers. It comes out of womanism and black feminism. […]

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Today in Post-Race History: Super Bowl, Super Conundrum

By Summer M. 9:00 am February 1, 2010 Note: Late week, Professor Cohen had a talk about the Black Youth Project, including the blog, on campus.  I just want to say thanks to the folks who complimented me on my writing here.  It means a lot, and I want to express my deepest gratitude.   I’m […]

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