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Pariah’s Pariah: A Review, a Critique

By Summer M. 10:33 am January 2, 2012 *Spoiler Alert* On Friday, Dee Rees’ much lauded independent film, Pariah will expand its release from four theaters to eleven, increasing the opportunity for many to view this incredibly important Focus Features release. Rees’ debut work has deservedly generated a deluge of critical praise, and should at the […]

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Says Seven year-old, “Big Sister let them Rape Me:” Trenton, Irresponsible Black Girls, and Savior Russell Simmons

By Fallon 8:18 am April 16, 2010 TRENTON — City police have charged a 15-year-old girl as an accomplice to the gang rape of her 7-year-old sister. Police said they believe the older sibling was paid for having sex with multiple partners Sunday night during a party at the troubled Rowan Towers apartment complex, and […]

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Women Her-story Month: Do You Have a Chosen Sister?

By Fallon 9:30 am March 12, 2010 I speak as a – a sister of a sister. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on my birthday. And for over 30 years, Coretta Scott King and I have telephoned, or sent cards to each other, or flowers to each other, or met each other somewhere in […]

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And the Winner Is?

By Summer M. 8:59 am March 1, 2010 It’s only March, but Mo’Nique is indeed the frontrunner for the Best Year Ever Award.  In a little less than a week, the self-proclaimed queen of comedy and Golden Globe (and Screen Actors Guild) Award winner, will probably win an Oscar for her work in Precious, despite […]

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The Princess and the Frog, but what about the White Frog’s Hunters?

By Fallon 7:47 am December 11, 2009 Today the Princess and the Frog opens across the nation. Of course, I’m going to go see the movie, however like most cynics I wrote a blog about the movie before it premiered approximately two months ago to  be exact. So, if my argument is proven wrong by […]

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Beyonce Says Big Ego, but Ruth says, “Eat your [damn] eggs, Walter Lee”

By Fallon 9:24 am December 4, 2009 So, why is it that every time I talk about black women’s lived experiences feeble-minded always on the black woman’s titty black man hollers in his best tonka truck voice, “We got it hard not black women?” Wow. My first immediate response is, “Did I say anything negative […]

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I saw the movie Precious, but what about her mother, Mary?

By Fallon 8:42 am November 13, 2009 I am my mother’s daughter and my mother is the daughter of my grandmother. And both their stories and silences speak through me. I begin with this mantra because spiritually and mentally I desperately need to understand why tears stained and wrinkled my cheeks as I watched the […]

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Lost in Translation: A Response to ‘Precious’

By Summer M. 9:38 am November 9, 2009 Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry said Precious was awesome and that everyone should go see it. Since I am the most obedient of Negroes, I saw it last Friday. If Flavor Flav is the world’s greatest hype man, this duo is officially the world’s greatest hype machine. […]

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