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We Are Still Asking: Who Is Burning Black Churches?


By Jenn M. Jackson 10:06 am July 6, 2015 In the days following the June 17th massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, at least six predominantly and historically Black churches were set ablaze. It has only been a few days since the last Black church in the South was burned. Sadly, the brief […]

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Michael B. Jordan Goes in on Racist Trolls

Michael B Jordan

By Diamond 11:51 pm May 27, 2015 Michael B. Jordan has a few words for the racist trolls upset that he will be portraying Johnny Storm in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” film. From Entertainment Weekly: You’re not supposed to go on the Internet when you’re cast as a superhero. But after taking on Johnny Storm in Fantastic […]

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Racism 2.0: How the Internet Reminds Us Things Ain’t Changed

Deray CHuck

By Diamond 10:28 am May 27, 2015 By Jay Dodd Earlier this week, Arrogant Internet White Man #456 or Chuck C. Johnson used Twitter to fundraise a “taking out” of community organizer and movement curator Deray McKesson. The threat spread quick and many mobilized to hold Twitter accountable for allowing such threats. While Black Twitter […]

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Show This to the Next Facebook Friend That Claims Racism Is Over


By Diamond 9:57 am May 13, 2015 There are still people, who, despite reality, refuse to accept that racism is pervasive. These people are exhausting and they include everyone from government officials, to your Facebook friends. If you’re tired of explaining that racism isn’t over, this video is here to help. Watch the video below: […]

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Noose Found Hanging From Tree on Duke Campus


By Diamond 11:03 am April 2, 2015 A noose was found hanging from a tree on the Duke campus Wednesday morning. A picture of the noose and statement was posted to the Duke People of Color Caucus Tumblr: “To all black students, staff, faculty, and/or Durhamites on campus and in the area: Please take care of yourselves […]

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And The Winner For Best Passive Aggression Is: Cultural Appropriation!


By Ekundayo Igeleke 1:38 pm March 30, 2015 There is a major difference between appropriating and appreciating a culture. I love watching anime and reading manga, I appreciate the story lines and the artistic styles. Though I do not participate, many fans attend anime conventions fully costumed which is acceptable because it is apart of […]

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Elite Degrees Give Black Americans Little Advantage In Job Market


By Diamond 10:46 am March 18, 2015 A new study from the University of Michigan shows that elite credentials give black Americans very little advantage in the job market. From the University of Michigan: Gaddis used a unique field experiment to test the value of different types of college degrees in the labor market for […]

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That SAE Video, Racist College Culture & Black Student Survival at University


By Diamond 9:51 am March 13, 2015 By Denene Millner I don’t know why folks are acting all shocked by this SAE video madness, as if despicably racist, nigger-filled rants by groups of white college boys is somehow new, fresh, unexpected and unique. Any human who’s ever stepped foot on the campus of a predominately […]

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University of Oklahoma Expels Two Students For Racist Chant


By Diamond 10:16 am March 11, 2015 Two members of SAE, the fraternity caught on tape singing a racist chant, have been suspended from Oklahoma University. From Reuters: The University of Oklahoma has expelled two students linked to a video showing members of a fraternity singing a song filled with racial epithets, the school’s president […]

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black and muslim

By Diamond 10:22 am February 25, 2015 By Ikhlas Saleem This past Thursday the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC) relaunched the hashtag that started it all, #BeingBlackAndMuslim. What started from a couple of singular tweets, turned into an email thread, and now a 2nd year global campaign to address racism within Muslim communities and embrace […]

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