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Are millennials tolerant racists?

college students

By diamond 3:21 pm January 28, 2015 White millennials are more prejudice than they’d like to think writes Al Jazeera.

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Black McDonald’s workers file civil rights lawsuit for firings


By diamond 7:49 pm January 22, 2015 Former workers in three McDonald’s locations in Northern Virginia, say that they were fired for being people of color. Some were told by management that they “need to get the ghetto out of the store.”

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Report: Chicago police stop black motorists more

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:09 pm December 31, 2014 According to a new report released by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, Chicago police stop black motorists more than their white counterparts. 

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Ferguson residents receive racist notes about Christmas on car windshields

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:35 pm December 30, 2014 Residents in Ferguson, Missouri found a racist Christmas letters on their car windshields last week.

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Unarmed man shot at by NYPD charged with assault after cops hit innocent bystanders

By BYP @blackyouthproj 10:53 am December 29, 2014 A 35-year-old Brooklyn black man was unarmed when NYPD officers shot at him in the middle of Times Square on Sept. 14. The officers did not hit Glenn Broadnax, but struck two innocent bystanders. Somehow, Broadnax is being charged with assault for the officers’ negligence. 

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Peaceful protests follow latest police shooting in Missouri


By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:25 pm December 26, 2014 Protests continued in Berkeley, Mo. following the fatal shooting of a black teen by a white police officer earlier this week. According to reports, the protests have been peaceful. 

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FBI investigates lynching of black teen

By BYP @blackyouthproj 4:16 pm December 18, 2014 The FBI is looking into the death of a black teen who was found hanging from a swing set at a trailer park on Aug. 29. 17-year-old Lennon Lacy’s death was originally ruled a suicide. 

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Pennsylvania restaurant calls customer the n-word, says it’s a ‘joke’

By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:42 pm December 18, 2014 A Pennsylvania restaurant says one of its employees was “joking” when they printed the n-word on a black customer’s receipt. Marquis Moore was about to consume an order of wings from Zembie’s Sports Tavern in Harrisburg when he noticed the word printed near the check number instead […]

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Authorities push for Assata Shakur to finish life sentence in U.S.


By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:01 pm December 18, 2014 New Jersey state authorities said they hope the thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations announced by President Obama will aid the capture and return of Assata Shakur (Joanne Chesimard), who escaped prison and fled to the island after being convicted of killing a New Jersey State Police trooper. 

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The Negro Remains Mis-Educated


By Ekundayo Igeleke 3:29 pm December 12, 2014 Dr. Carter G. Woodson has an extraordinary legacy.  He is the father of Black history, the creator of Negro History Week which would expand and become Black History Month.  The origin of Negro History week would include President Lincoln’s birthday (at the time he was a hero […]

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