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George Bush Says “There’s No Need to Defend Myself” Regarding Legacy

In a recent interview, former President George W. Bush doubled down on his legacy, asserting that he has no reason to apologize for or defend any of his actions (or inaction) during his controversial presidency.

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Have Americans Lost Their Empathy in this Recession?

In today’s economy, it seems that everyone is struggling in some way – students are worried about loan debt, homeowners are worried about the value of their homes and everyone seems to be cutting back on some of the finer things in life. In considering that most everyone has had to make some adjustments in […]

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Obama: GOP Let Economy Tank In Order To Undermine Me


In a fairly hard-hitting interview with 60 minutes, President Obama gave his most candid and aggressive statements on the GOP to date, lambasting their tactics over the past few years as blatantly personal and obstructionist. Check out the interview at!

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Free Lunch Program Surge Reflects Economic Distress

TP Free Lunch w PB 1

According to a recent New York Times article, Free Lunch Programs are swelling with new participants nationwide, indicating rising levels of poverty and economic distress across the country. Read more at!

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