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VIBE: Meet Your New Role Models

Reality TV show drama has been in the news a lot lately. Petitions urging the networks that produce these shows to reconsider have gained a lot of traction. The masses are finally growing disgusted with the petty, sometimes violent behavior of reality TV stars. While it seems many are finally ready to dismiss the violent […]

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What Role Models Mean For People-of-Color

America makes it hard for people of color to have role models. Our leaders not only face systematic murder, but surrender their legacy to our various oppressors. Speaking of my experience, I never learned about Fidel Castro or the Black Panthers in school. When they were briefly mentioned it was their particular stance on violence […]

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Raising Girls in Public


This week has been the week of concern for young girls everywhere. From the death of Whitney and the fear of the consequences for her daughter to the examples of Too $hort and RiRi, it is no question why many are in distress. In an age where youth regardless of gender are tuned into the […]

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