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Breaking The Cycle of Fear

GOTH 2.9

By richardtaylor @trulytaylormade 10:28 am April 3, 2013 Fear can cause you to question your worth and true purpose in life. When you are hit with enough obstacles you can be overtaken by fear, until you feel that there is no way out. No way to pursue your dreams, be that change or answer the call […]

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How Can I Lead A Generation?


By Johnaé @johnae_alyse 10:30 am November 1, 2011 We hear it everyday, “Somebody should do something about…” or “this generation needs a good leader”. I have found that in my generation there is hope for such remarks. Many of my peers are not only in agreement but actively pursuing leadership in different ways from leading marches […]

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I Know Why Black Men act the Way they Act: Peter Pan Syndrome!!

By Fallon 8:50 am September 23, 2011 http://youtu.be/gA-oSadHikY As I walked home yesterday from the market with my several bags of groceries and my godson in toe being harassed by young black men who probably could be my nephews, I finally understood why many Black men act the way they do. Why they are completely […]

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How Racism Is Destroying America’s Political Discourse

Racism grows classier and more refined every day, but it never goes away. How else can we explain the American people tolerating the unprecedented disrespect, racism, obstruction and outright legislative terrorism being perpetrated by the GOP?

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The Stank Eye Woman Syndrome and how Black Male Privilege is to Blame: Are Black Men Really Ignorant of how they “Compartmentalize” their “Female Friends”?

By Fallon 8:54 am May 13, 2011 So, in the traditional way in which black people begin their stories, “What had happened was . . .” I attended this event where one of my best male friends was hosting. Upon arriving my best male friend comes and says, pejoratively and with great amusement, “Your friend […]

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An Open Letter To Lil’ Kim….

Your beef with Nicki Minaj is illegitimate on multiple levels, Kim. Such behavior is entirely unbecoming of a Hip Hop legend. And for the sake of your legacy, it really needs to stop. Game over bitch. Gatorade. Wet towel.

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An Early Valentine’s Day Post: I am My Father’s Daughter

By Fallon 10:20 am February 11, 2011 Next week is Valentine’s Day. So, I thought I would write an early post about it from the perspective of someone (i.e. me) who deeply desires “soul abiding” relationships, but who struggles greatly in that regard. So, you know what is troubling for me is to look in […]

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