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Sesame Street Teaches Kids About Incarceration

We talked a lot about the criminal justice system and prison industrial complex, especially as it pertains to black youth. The astronomical number of people who have been incarcerated and the effects their imprisonment has on those individuals, their families, and the communities they leave and sometimes return to is part of that discussion. Yet […]

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The Voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo Accused of Sexual Relationship w/ Underaged Boy

Despite Mitt Romney’s defeat, there is still trouble on Sesame Street.The man who voices Elmo, the children’s program’s most popular character, has been accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage male.

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Sesame Street Does it Again: New Black Girl Video-Change the World

I tell you, many television and movie companies including Tyler Perry can take a chapter from Sesame Street when it comes to creating positive images of black women and girls. So, last year, Sesame Street’s video, I Love My Hair, went viral with parents excited to see positive messaging about black girls’ hair. However, this year, Sesame Street has […]

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