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I Know Why Black Men act the Way they Act: Peter Pan Syndrome!!

By Fallon 8:50 am September 23, 2011 http://youtu.be/gA-oSadHikY As I walked home yesterday from the market with my several bags of groceries and my godson in toe being harassed by young black men who probably could be my nephews, I finally understood why many Black men act the way they do. Why they are completely […]

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Game Theory #Pause

By Summer M. 8:00 am September 19, 2011 Not that I pay that much attention to hip-hop anymore, but rapper, [The] Game (when did he drop the article?) spoke out recently about gays and hip-hop, and I noticed. And by “notice” I mean someone mentioned it to me and I bothered to Google it. Call […]

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Transgender Pillars of Salt

By Summer M. 8:02 am September 12, 2011 Although I’d like to spend this morning ranting about how Peyton Manning’s neck is going to make this the most intolerable football season in years, I understand that no one but me, Colts fans, and folks who drafted him in their fantasy league really care. And so, […]

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What Parents Don’t Know About the “College Experience”

By Keantre Malone 11:59 am September 1, 2011 People will tell you two things when they send you off to college: study hard and have fun. We have some concept of studying hard, but the other piece of advice, you will soon realize, comes across very vaguely. I didn’t grasp why “fun” has a unique […]

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THE WEEKND Continues To Astound With New Mixtape “THURSDAY”

Thursday is not a cash grab or some collection of b-sides, and it never feels forced. The Weeknd’s second album is a fully-formed album, thoroughly conceived and well-executed. And considering the fact that it’s being released less than a year after its predecessor, and it’s still really good, I’d say Thursday is a more-than-worthy follow-up.

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Some Unsolicited Love Advice for Queen Latifah

By Summer M. 8:26 am August 8, 2011 (Since my last two blogs have been relatively serious, how about something light this Monday morning?) Dear Queen Latifah, Well, look at you! Just the other week I was considering the conditions under which you might come out, and now word on the street is you’re all up […]

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Take Back Boystown: White vs Right?

By Justin L. Hill 11:36 pm August 2, 2011 “Boystown was built and created by gay whites with hard earned money years back…Its sad that Boystown has been taken advantage by these f***ing savage monkeys.“ “They also happen to be very noticeably out of place!! So why are they not questioned and asked to leave […]

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The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’s Fans

By Summer M. 8:00 am August 1, 2011 Last week, Lauryn Hill announced the birth of her sixth child, a son, and then somehow found the strength to perform in LA just days after. Of course, this newest edition to Hill’s family surprised very few, since photographs of her on stage during her Moving Target tour […]

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The Era-Defining Legacy of Amy Winehouse

And that’s why Amy Winehouse was so unique, controversial and fascinating. It was impossible to tell where her music ended and her real life began. There was no script. In the words of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse was “an analog girl, livin’ in a digital world,” oblivious to the voyeuristic culture of camera flashes and snarky bloggers that surrounded her.

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Ladies First (and Only)?

By Summer M. 8:00 am July 18, 2011 It wasn’t until I sat down to write this that I realized I’d have to confess to watching Single Ladies–more than once. It’s true. Admittedly, I watched the first episode because I think Dionne Stacey Dash is fine. And although I find the acting in some ways utterly intolerable, somehow I’ve […]

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