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Women’s Herstory Month: Do You Know Any Border-Crossing Black Women?

By Fallon 8:36 am March 25, 2011 On the last Friday of Women’s Her-story Month, I want to honor black women who are what I call “border-crossers.” Border crossing is centered in the margins and “what moves people” . . . the fluid transmissions and the mergers. It comes out of womanism and black feminism. […]

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Why My Black Girlfriends and I love Shirley Sherrod: “She Wears Big Girl Drawls”

By Fallon 8:40 am July 23, 2010 “I was working my butt off . . . I did not get to be 62  without being able to move beyond things . . . I was worried that my grandchildren would read in the history books years from now that their grandmother the First Black Rural […]

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