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New Documentary: Dear Daddy


A recently released documentary takes a close look at the impact of fatherless on Black young women.The film is called Dear Daddy; check out the trailer below.

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Black Women: Baby Makers or Baby Killers?

By Justin L. Hill 3:11 pm July 5, 2011 According to Clenard Childress, “the most dangerous place for an African American to be is in the womb of their African American mother.” From claims of being the least attractive women in the world (Satoshi Kanazawa’s study), to schizophrenically being viewed as both “irresponsible baby makers” […]

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The Stank Eye Woman Syndrome and how Black Male Privilege is to Blame: Are Black Men Really Ignorant of how they “Compartmentalize” their “Female Friends”?

By Fallon 8:54 am May 13, 2011 So, in the traditional way in which black people begin their stories, “What had happened was . . .” I attended this event where one of my best male friends was hosting. Upon arriving my best male friend comes and says, pejoratively and with great amusement, “Your friend […]

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A Misguided Attempt to Empower: Deborrah Cooper’s Lonely Black Church Woman Blames Black Women for their Singleness

By Fallon 8:26 am July 2, 2010 I am single black church woman. I go to church on Sunday morning because I need to hear a word from God. I need to know that there is hope in the world. I need to know that when “my body is ailing” as the old folks say […]

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