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NYC Art Exhibit Allows Strangers to Touch Various Textures of Black Hair

An art exhibit in New York City called “You Can Touch My Hair” will allow folks to finally satisfy the impulse to put their fingers in an afro or stroke a dreadlock or several; an exploration of “the tactile fascination with black hair.”

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Tulsa Shooters Face Hate Crime Charges For Killing Spree; Community Members Calling for Death Penalty

The men who went on a shooting spree in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s black community will face hate crime and 1st degree murder charges. Many community members are calling for prosecutors to seek the death penalty for Watts and England.

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VIDEO: Brigham Young Students Answer Questions About Black People

Alleged stand up comedian Dave Ackerman went to Brigham Young University in black face, and asked the incredibly white student body a series of questions to test their knowledge of Black history and culture. Words cannot even begin to describe the outstanding levels of ignorance radiating from this video. Check it out at BlackYouthProject.com!

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VIDEO: Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls

Check out “Shit White Girls Say to…Black Girls” at BlackYouthProject.com! Did this one have you cracking up? Or is it time to give the “Shit ___ Say” videos a rest. Sound off below!

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To Resurrect a Mockingbird (in a Really Long-Winded Way)

By Summer M. 10:47 am July 19, 2010 Last week, the folks over at Racialicious re-posted a piece by Macon D., the creator of the blog, Stuff White People Do.  The article, “Stuff White People Do: Warmly Embrace a Racist Novel,” addresses the 50th anniversary celebration of Harper Lee’s only novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, […]

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