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Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action to Slavery and Segregation in Opinion

Yesterday Clarence Thomas once again offered his long-held opinion on affirmative action, comparing it to slavery and segregation. He also argued that the policy does black and Hispanic students more harm than good, and that racial diversity has no educational benefit.

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This Day In History: Thurgood Marshall Becomes First Black Supreme Court Justice

45 years ago today, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. We salute the legacy of the late Justice Marshall

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Supreme Court Will Hear Case Challenging Affirmative Action

Today the Supreme Court announced they will once again hear a case challenging the constitutionality of Affirmative Action, this time regarding the consideration of race in the admissions process at the University of Texas at Austin. Are you worried by this news?

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Judging Life

By edward 4:05 am November 10, 2009   By no means am I a constitutional scholar. I have yet to attend a law school class, and I have never given an oral argument before The Supreme Court. With that said, whatever I may lack in legal acumen, I make up for with “real world knowledge”. […]

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