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Do All #BlackLivesMatter?


By diamond 3:33 pm February 20, 2015 Who dies? Who thrives? Join members of both the Trans Women of Color Collective and #BlackLivesMatter to examine the vitality and visibility of justice movements. In the wake of the deaths of people like Islan Nettles and Eric Garner and the incarceration of people like CeCe McDonald, how […]

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Woman wins appeal after being arrested for “walking while trans”

monica jones

By diamond 1:53 pm January 27, 2015 An Arizona court has sided with a transgender woman who was convicted of prostitution simply for walking down the street.

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All #BlackLivesMatter: The Death of Lamia Beard

lamia beard

By diamond 6:48 pm January 23, 2015 There are not many details known about Lamia Beard’s death. What is known, is that Beard is the latest transgender woman of color to fall victim to violence.

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President Obama’s State of the Union speech first to say transgender, but so what?

barack obama

By diamond 4:20 pm January 21, 2015 Last night’s address was the first State of the Union speech to directly reference lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans. President Obama has previously referenced transgender individuals in a speeches, making him the first president to do so. While the recognition is important, some trans activists wonder, “Where are […]

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Laverne Cox named Glamour ‘Woman of the Year’

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:03 pm November 18, 2014 LaVerne Cox is on a roll this year! She’s already made history by becoming the very first transgender woman to appear on the cover of TIME. Not to mention that time when she became the first transgender woman to be nominated for an Emmy.  Now, the actress […]

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Transgender activist CeCe McDonald to speak at the University of Chicago this month


By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:16 pm October 2, 2014 Transgender activist CeCe McDonald will address racism, transphobia and incarceration faced by transgender women of color during a keynote speech at the University of Chicago on Wednesday Oct. 15. The program is hosted by the Office of LGBTQ Student Life and the Institute of Politics. It is […]

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Report: Voter ID laws may negatively impact trangender Americans

By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:37 am September 19, 2014 Courtrooms around the country are battling over whether or not states can impose voter ID laws, but they have focused primarily on issues of access when opposing the legislation. But a new study shows that voter ID laws can negatively impact a portion of the population that […]

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Video: ‘Free Cece’ documentary calls attention to plight of trans, black people


By BYP @blackyouthproj 3:14 pm September 2, 2014 Orange is the New Black star LaVerne Cox may be famous for her roles on the big screen, but the trans activist is also taking an active role in standing up for the rights of black people. Cox was so moved by the story of Cece McDonald, a […]

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Transgender woman wins right to be herself


By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:17 pm August 20, 2014 The following feature originally appears on the Windy City Times. It was written by Gretchen Rachel Blickensderfer. By: Gretchen Rachel Blickensderfer According to the most recent numbers, one in six transgender individuals report having been imprisoned at some point in their lives. The history of horrific abuses they often […]

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Transgender teen stabbed on D.C. metro train

By BYP @blackyouthproj 8:51 am August 1, 2014   A 15-year-old transgender teen was stabbed in the back by an attacker while riding a Green Line Metrorail in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. The victim, a D.C. resident, was being treated at a hospital for a non-life threatening puncture wound. 

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