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‘Forgotten Four’ film tells story of four black men who integrated the NFL

forgotten four

By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:54 am September 12, 2014 Most of us know about Jackie Robinson being the first black professional Major League Baseball player, but few know about the men responsible for breaking the color barrier in the NFL.  But a new EPIX documentary will tell the story of four black pro sports players, Kenny […]

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Chicago police announce early stages of body camera program

body cam

By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:37 am September 3, 2014 Police departments across the country are using body cameras on its officers and that technology could soon come to Chicago. The department cites conflicting stories between citizens and police officers during encounters as a reason for the body cam pilot program.

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People really just don’t like Drake. And by that I mean the very idea of Drake. But like it or not, he’s about to go to the next level. I’d put money on it. And here’s why…

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Is It Ever OK For White People To Say NIGGER?

Only Black people understand the true power of the word nigger. Does that mean only Black people can say it? Is it EVER ok for white people to say it? Sound off below!

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Nas Brings Back THE REAL With “Nasty” Music Video

Nas’ music video for “Nasty” is a statement about what really matters: family, community, humility and respect. The money? ….A welcome bonus. Check out Nas’ “Nasty” music video at BlackYouthProject.com!

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A Message To Black LBGT Youth On National Coming Out Day

The Black Youth Project wishes our readers a wonderful and liberating Coming Out Day. But we also want to make it very clear that all of us – regardless of age, gender, race or socioeconomic status – are on our own journeys. Nobody knows the best time for you to come out BUT YOU.

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MUSICNEWS: Ice-T Doesn’t Like Hip-POP, Record Execs Trafficking COCAINE, and Rihanna’s New Album

MUSICNEWS: Ice-T Doesn’t Like Hip-POP, Record Execs Trafficking COCAINE, and Rihanna’s New Album Coming Soon…

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How Racism Is Destroying America’s Political Discourse

Racism grows classier and more refined every day, but it never goes away. How else can we explain the American people tolerating the unprecedented disrespect, racism, obstruction and outright legislative terrorism being perpetrated by the GOP?

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WATCH THE THRONE, And Why Jay-Z and Mitt Romney Have A LOT In Common

I doubt Mitt Romney understands the plight of the underprivileged. And I couldn’t tell you if he likes Black people, either. But if he’s a Hip Hop fan, I bet he’ll love Watch The Throne. Because Mitt Romney and Jay-Z actually have a lot in common.

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The Era-Defining Legacy of Amy Winehouse

And that’s why Amy Winehouse was so unique, controversial and fascinating. It was impossible to tell where her music ended and her real life began. There was no script. In the words of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse was “an analog girl, livin’ in a digital world,” oblivious to the voyeuristic culture of camera flashes and snarky bloggers that surrounded her.

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