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Mountain Dew Pulls Tyler, The Creator Ad After Accusations of Racism

Tyler, the Creator teamed up with Mountain Dew for an ad and…racism happened. Pepsi Co, which owns Mountain Dew, has pulled the ad. Watch it for yourself and tell us what you think…

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The Craziest Hip-Hop Collabo of 2011

By Keantre Malone 6:02 pm December 31, 2011 As if The Game, Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne thrown on one track didn’t shock everybody in the Hip-Hop world, their celebrity-slaying track surpassed its initial thrill. 2011 was definitely a year for West Coast Hip-Hop as Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, OFWGKTADGAF—Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill […]

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Hip Hop Needs More Goblins

By Keantre Malone 11:59 am September 22, 2011 Seven months ago you couldn’t tell me that Odd Future would achieve mainstream representation; I guessed that they were a group of outlaws that would manage their own channels. And here my predictions have been assassinated: while Earl is under a boarding school in Samoa, Tyler has […]

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