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Hooked on Ebonics: the controversy that swirls around this “language”

By aria 2:00 pm April 5, 2012 I was shocked to recently learn about the Oakland, California school board’s 1996 decision to classify Ebonics as the official language of its African American students. At the mere age of four, I was ignorant to the political and social controversy this decision stirred up nationwide. Now, at […]

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Report: Nearly All Arrested NYC Students Are Black or Hispanic


According to a recent report, an average of 1 New York City student is arrested per day. Of those arrested students, 88% are male, and 96 % are either Black or Hispanic! Read more at BlackYouthProject.com!

From the New York Daily News:

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Free Lunch Program Surge Reflects Economic Distress

TP Free Lunch w PB 1

According to a recent New York Times article, Free Lunch Programs are swelling with new participants nationwide, indicating rising levels of poverty and economic distress across the country. Read more at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Bronx Students Release 10-Point List of Demands to Reform NY Public Education


Dubbing themselves The Resistance, a group of Bronx students have decided to “Occupy” public education, releasing a 10-POINT PLAN for reforming New York City’s public school system. Check out their full list of reforms at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Brooklyn HS Makes 634 Students Use ONE TOILET!


After repeated disciplinary issues in the school’s restrooms, 634 students at a Brooklyn, NY high school were forced to use ONE TOILET for six months! You think they’d have done that to 634 white students? Sound off below!

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Follow Up to Chapter’s EBT Video: Why Single Black Women Have Babies

By Fallon 8:45 am September 9, 2011 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG_Gvd4PFFo&feature=related As a follow-up to The Viral Video, EBT: We Have Failed You Chapter…An Open Letter, I want to talk about a comment that I received frequently about Chapter’s character in the EBT video. Many people have emailed me saying that they agree with my blog, but that […]

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The Old Black Woman says: “Do you got yo big girl’s drawls on? Can you stand a fight?”

By Fallon 8:00 am April 9, 2010 I really love this Huggies’ commercial because it shows a little girl professing she’s a big kid because she knows how to wear pull-ups which is the first step toward wearing big girl panties drawls. [Song in the tune of the Huggies’ commercial] So, she’s a big girl […]

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