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Watch: President Obama Discusses ‘War on Drugs’ With ‘The Wire’ Creator


By Diamond 2:43 pm March 27, 2015 President Obama sat down with The Wire creator, David Simon, to discuss the hidden costs of the war on drugs. Take a look below: Photo: White House/Youtube

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The war on drugs should be an actionable agenda, not just rhetorical exercise

By BYP @blackyouthproj 11:02 am June 5, 2014 The following post originally appeared on the Huffington Post. It was written by Glenn Martin and appears under the title of, “The War on Drugs Didn’t Fail Yesterday.” Glenn E. Martin is a national leader and criminal justice reform advocate who who spent six years in New York […]

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A few of the faces spending life behind bars for nonviolent crimes

The war on drugs is very real. Many of the country’s prison population is serving hard time behind bars due to their involvement in the drug game. Thousands on inmates are serving Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences for offenses that are as small as possession of a crack pipe or a smudge of heroin in a bottle cap.

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Obama Administration Announce New Drug Policy Emphasizing Treatment Over Incarceration

The Obama Administration has announced a new policy for fighting drug abuse; one that emphasizes treatment over incarceration. The plan will use public health tools to address the root causes of drug use and abuse, and divert offenders to rehabilitation programs.

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REPORT: President Obama Will Scale Back War on Drugs in 2nd Term

According to reports, President Obama plans to scale back America’s decades-long and highly controversial War on Drugs in his second term. Do you think the War on Drugs should be scaled back?

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Black, Asian Youth Have Lowest Rates of Drug/Alcohol Use


A recent survey of adolescent teens between the ages of 12-17 years-old finds that drug and alcohol use is lowest amongst Black and Asian teenagers.So why are we the most likely to be incarcerated? Read more at BlackYouthProject.com!

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War on Drugs: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm June 8, 2011 So the Global Commission on Drug Policy has released a report stating that the War on Drugs is a fail. Welcome to the party, sirs, you’re 40 years late but please, sit. What clued you in on this failure? The wasted dollars, the overflowing prisons, lives lost, […]

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